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Federacion Internacionale de Abogadas, (FIDA) Spanish for International Federation of Women Lawyers, was founded in Mexico in 1944 by a group of women lawyers from five (5) American countries. They came together in Mexico City to advocate their common goals of advancing United Nations values and objectives. This was necessary to bring to fruition the benefits of these UN principles for the welfare and emancipation of women and children in the various member states.

FIDA Ghana, Accra officeFIDA was introduced to Ghana in 1968 by a group of Ghanaian women lawyers who were individual members of the international body. FIDA-Ghana was formally launched in 1974. It is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental membership organization, committed to the enhancement of the status of Ghanaian women and children through legal aid, research and publications. FIDA-Ghana is affiliated to the International body.

Aims and Objectives

FIDA-Ghana shares the same broad aims and objectives as the international body.

These are:

  • To promote the principles and aims of the United Nations in their legal and social dimensions.
  • To enhance and promote the welfare of women and children, realizing that the happiness of the home and the strength of the society depend on this.
  • To address the situation of women in Ghana as participants and beneficiaries of the development process.

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Six years of experience as a facilitator of gender training programs, has authored three training manuals and other FIDA publications. She passionately believes in using the law to empower women to maximize their potentials to improve their lives and that of their families. She begun her career working in private practice and later worked as a legal counsel for the government run Omnibus Transport services. Jane started out working as the deputy executive director of FIDA-Ghana for three years. In June 2002 she was appointed as the Executive Director and under her administration FIDA has expanded it’s services to the Northern part of the country with the establishment of a paralegal centre in order to improve women’s access to justice in the North.


A journalist, and former news editor of a radio station, and host of a family talk show, Susan has seven years of experience working in broadcast journalism, and is committed to the promotion of women’s rights. She advices on the appropriate media strategy relevant in highlighting issues of women’s rights and tracks infringement of the rights of women and children in the media for advocacy purposes. She also doubles as the administrator and overseas a capable team of staff that ensures that programs are implemented in consonance with the organization’s vision and mission.

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